Eid al-Fitr

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Ahlan Wa Sahlan,

On September 18, Mount of Olives along with MSA/PSA/SSA hosted the Eid Al Fitr Event…. This was the first HUGE event that Nicole (your fearless Mount of Olives leader) was the coordinator for…

MoO President Nicole Allen

And what a success it was! More than 200 people were there from all over Montana- It was an incredible opportunity to gather together to celebrate Ramadan and Muslim Culture. Here are some more photos for your enjoyment:

Saudi Student Association members came in traditional clothing-


Each of the Clubs contributed to the success of this event- Look at all the wonderful food!

This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate what it truly means to be a community- Ramadan is a difficult time for students to be away from home, and any opportunity we have that will make this time away a better experience is worth taking. Thank you to everyone who made this a success (With Special Thanks to Jordan Allen who kept her sister from a nervous breakdown- we need Nicole to continue her fearless leadership of Mount of Olives). Many thanks to Liz Higgins for providing the fabulous photographs.



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Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Welcome to Mount of Olives!